Guillaume Bellec

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PhD student at the institute for theoretical computer science (IGI).
Technical University of Graz in Austria
guillaume @ bellec . eu


I am a PhD student of in the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science in the Technical University of Graz in Austria. Under the supervision of Professor Wolfgang Maass, I investigate models of learning and working memory. I am grateful to learn every day through readings and collaborative research projects. On the long term, I hope that my research will contribute to the clinical progress and the development of machine intelligence that respects human morals.

Before starting my PhD, I graduated from a competitive master of Machine Learning at ENS Paris-Saclay and from the engineering school ENSTA Paristech. There I completed various lab rotations, one of which was initiated by my passion for music and got me to discover Psychoacoustics and Neuroscience. Ever since, I have worked on advancing our understanding of the neural mechanisms behind thoughts and perceptions.

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